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Pure Portugal Ltd advertises properties for sale plus we have a website for holiday accommodation and property to rent in Portugal. As you may have guessed from our name, we put particular emphasis on the traditional and natural aspects of both the area we work in and the properties we advertise. Many of the properties we advertise are built and/or renovated using traditional methods and local materials. Many of them also incorporate environmentally friendly design, alternative energy systems, and grow – or are suitable for growing – organic produce.

We’re an online advertising portal, we publicise properties and work hard on behalf of agents and owners (we’re not Estate Agents). Our aim is to help you make the connections you need for buying, selling, or renting property and holiday accommodation in Portugal, and for creating your dream life. We are a solely internet-based business, enabling us to reduce our overheads, keeping our fees very reasonable and competitive. We’re in this business to live our dreams, not to make huge profits. We balance our Pure Portugal work with work on our quintas (small farms) and family lives, so we don’t always keep normal office hours (now you know why you got an email from us at 11pm!).

Our aim is to bring people back to the land and to encourage sustainable practices which enhance the environmental, social and economic life in Portugal, transforming rural areas back into thriving communities.

Pure Portugal is not your average property seller. Selling properties allows us to give back, supporting sustainable living in Portugal and offering the ability to be part of the global movement towards environmental regeneration. We contribute to the local economy through social connections and play a key role in transforming monoculture landscapes and addressing desertification. The people behind Pure Portugal share the same values and vision as their clients. We learn from you so that we can grow together.

We are happy to offer informal advice on all aspects of property purchase and sale, holiday accommodation, rentals, and living in Portugal – join our facebook group with over 23,000 helpful, friendly and active members sharing their questions, experiences and advice

We build bridges, catalyzing a sense of community, both in person and virtually. A shared place to help and support people in their transition to live more fulfilling lives closer to nature. With a strong sense of community, we promote integration, share insights on how best to go about living in Portugal, and provide inspiration so you get to know the country. We join each other in celebration and support each other through challenging times.

By finding people their ideal rural home, we enable humans to reconnect, and live closer with nature. We work every day to enhance knowledge about sustainable living and coming back to the land, harnessing inspiration from local traditions and teachings about nature’s ways. We envisage bringing abandoned land and villages back to life across Portugal. Our role is to facilitate the process of transition for a sustainable life in a new country.

We support the dreams and the dreamers, inspiring clients to live their passions and follow what makes them happy. We ensure clients feel supported from the first spark of their vision, to the reality of being on their land, in their new home, and beyond. We identify with you – your ideas can transform our ideas to create a new abundant world.

We are a full-service solution, not just offering great properties but also the knowledge on how to live the life you desire. We are with the client every step of the way for those who want to find their property, or need a rental during their house search. We can also help you start a business, connect you to trusted service providers, and help you to promote courses and events. We act with integrity and can really enable you to take the leap into a more nurturing way of living.

We are a small business, a workers’ co-operative, registered as a limited company in England. We all have our own quintas (Portuguese smallholdings) so if you’re also dreaming about things such as self-sufficiency, permaculture, renovating a ruin, building in a more natural way, or living a simpler life in the sun, we know what you’re talking about! Meet the Team.

We think tree planting is a great idea, and many companies publicise the fact that some of their profits go towards tree-planting. Of course, this benefits us all, but we’d love you to enjoy a more direct benefit from our tree planting scheme, so, purchase any property via Pure Portugal Ltd and we’ll give you 50euros to buy TREES for your new home! (this offer has now evolved into a 50euro offer which you can use for anything else that you would like to spend it on in order to ensure it is useful to people who buy property which has no space for trees! You even tell us to donate it to a charity of your choice!

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